Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sweet figs

Fred is totally mad about figs..he doesn't eat figs of course but he just must try to steal the one..

..and our sleeping princess :)


Nona said...

Ooooh! Fritzy's nose is just begging to be kissed so please do that for me please, Dada! And Fred with his figs ... too adorable for words :D

rochambeau said...

Dearest Dada,
I just thought of you and then you came to visit me, isn't that cool?
How are YOU?? Your ferrets look so cute.
Happy Autumn!!
Sending love,

Premature Burial said...

such an interesting looking creature

Elisabeth Wittgenstein said...

my goooooood i love it *___*

Goodnight Tuesday said...

Lovely animals! Do you have some of your artwork on here?

Nona said...

Dada - we miss you on the forum! I hope all is okay with you, your family and Fritzy and Fred!

Love from us all down under :)


drew in austin tx said...

You are a ferret lover. I am an old coot now but when I was young my Uncle bought me a ferret. He looked a lot like your greyish colored one. I would always have to look for him because he got into the smallest places to sleep.

Nice Blog, Interesting.
Drew F. Austin Texas

trailsofthepen said...


Just passing through your lovely blog. I couldn't decide which entry to comment on because I found your candlesticks very beautiful too. Did you make them? I like their arrangement. The photos of old windows held character. I wish I could make my still photos come out like that. lolz and your lovely pets - so funny the little tongue on this one is sticking out. It reminded me of my kitten, Tripp. I used to catch him sleeping with half of his tongue sticking out. :D