Sunday, June 13, 2010



Nona said...

Fred is a very handsome boy in his summer suit :)

Hope all is well with you and Fritzy too. We miss you on the forum ... hope to see you there when you have time to join us again!


flyinamber said...

dear Nona,this is not Fred,this is Ruby,one sweet little ferret girl who spent a month here with us waiting for her adoption..she is very dear and we are happy that we helped her to find a new home..

we are well all,thank you..but we have some problems with our ADSL connection so I connect only sometimes wireless..I'll be back when my adsl was fixed up..greetings to you all Down Under :)

susanna said...

Oh, look at that nose! I'm glad that Ruby found a new home. You are a good ferret foster mom, Da Da.

Nona said...

Oops! Sorry about that, Dada (and Fred) :)

Well I can say that Ruby is a beautiful girl and I hope she'll be very happy in her new home!

Take care, stay well and give your babies a kiss from me please!