Friday, July 24, 2009

Sand on Saharun beach

Saharun on Dugi otok is one of most beautiful sandy beaches in Croatia.I came there for over than 25 years,this year unfortunately not..but here is one photo of Saharun's sand from the last summer.


rochambeau said...

Hello friend,
How are you? What a fabulous photograph. Sending good thoughts all the way over to you~

Thank you for my birthday wish!

Nona said...

Your photos are magnificent, Dada! I feel the warmth when I look at them and am so looking forward to the end of our gloomy winter :)

I have a friend here whose family originated from Hvar. Is that anywhere near to where you live?

flyinamber said...

I live in the continental part of country,about 250 km far from north Adriatic coast and about 400 km far from south part of coast..Hvar is in the south part of Adriatic coast,so I have drive about 400 km to Split (the second bigest croatian city and the large harbour) and then about 1 hour with ferry to Hvar..I was on Hvar island few times when I was is very nice place with beautiful fields of lavender and lot of wineyards..