Friday, May 8, 2009

Two silver elephants

New painting,"Two elephants" in silver version on one's friend of mine according..

Two silver elephants,acryl & silver powder on canvas
70 cm x 50 cm
May 2009


M said...

Ok..I couldn´t let this pass.

I just found your blog by chance. The very odd thing is that tonight I dreampt I had a ferri. I never had one in my life, and I never lieved in countries where people usually have them...The only reference to having ferris I knew about was a character from children´s comic books.

So when know I see your blog and the post about ferris it was quite amazing loool. Anyway...they look absolutely adorable!

M said...

:) yes, spain is quite a beautiful and diverse country. I have been here for 11 months now, and I feel pretty much in love with it. (I am actually from Portugal)
I would say ferrets are ilegal in here as well, because they would probably be considered a wild animal. Taking a look at yours I can´t help wishing having one myself!
I love animals as well, and lately I have been missing having one a lot.
I still have a cat in Portugal, and she is amazing...but is not the same as having one living with you :)

rivergardenstudio said...

I love your "two silver elephants" I am so happy to see that it is spring where you are too! Roxanne