Thursday, April 23, 2009

Supporting AFA (American Ferrets Association)

Here is what my blogfriend Nona of All About Ferrets-The Blog wrote in her todays morning post:

"H.R. 669, the Nonnative Wildlife Invasion Prevention Act
I'm sure all ferret owners in the States must be in a state of total anxiety, wondering if this wretched bill will be passed by Congress.
The American Ferret Association is doing everything it can to prevent ferrets from being listed as one of the animals to be banned so I urge all US ferret owners to check out what the AFA has
put on its website and also read the pdf file which advises what you should say to your member of Congress.
Today is the day that the bill is being discussed in Congress and I can only hope and pray that common sense will prevail and ferrets will be considered as domesticated animals, together with dogs and cats.
Surely they can't think otherwise?!?!

I'm also thinking today on all ferrets and their owners there over in USA.

Ferrets were domesticated here in Europe more than two thausand years ago and they no longer exist in the wild.They cannot even survive in the wild nature.They need people to care about them,to play with them,to live with them.They are not wild animals.

Here are my ferrets Fritzy and Fred on one of our walk exploring old ruins from the romain period in our old town.

Update on April 26:

"H.R.669" didn't pass for this time :)


rochambeau said...

Hi Dada,
Thank you for this information. I do have a friend that has a pet Ferret.
I will let him know.

Thank you for dropping by this week.
It is always nice to touch your sprit here in blog land.

Happy Sunday Friend.
Do you have an indoor garden?

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Look at those pretties! They are such lovely creatures.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Dada these two are so cute.. I love seeing them walking along well behaved on a leash... They must be so inquisitive!