Thursday, February 12, 2009

Swans on Drava river

A cold february morning on the Drava river..

Drava is a river in southern central Europe, a tributary of the Danube. It begins in Dobbiaco, Italy, and flows east through East Tirol and Carinthia in Austria, into Slovenia,and then southeast, passing through Croatia and forming most of the border between Croatia and Hungary, before it joins the Danube.On its way Drava flows through Varazdin and is only 15 kilometers far from my town,Varazdinske Toplice.Drava is still one clean river where lives fishes,birds,otters and other animals.

I counted about 70 swans today there and some of them have a yellow "necklace" with its own number.There was also one flight of wild ducks,river gulls and few other birds.

And remember,today is the 200th birthday of the great zoologic scientist Charles Darwin.


The Wanderers' Daughter said...

STUNNING! My goodness, what gorgeous swans...and beautiful river!! Thank you for taking these. I've never seen that many swans in one place before!

annette emms said...

What wonderful pictures. I love swans! We have some on the river Avon which flows through my home town of Evesham.
Fritzy and Fred are so beautiful!

mary said...

70 swans! How amazing. They are beautiful animals, I've only seen a few at a time. Do you see the otters, or are they afraid of humans? So nice to live in a clean environment. Nature is amazing, thanks to Darwin for helping people to see that. Mary

flyinamber said...

Yes,Croatia is still one clean place with beautiful forests,rivers,lakes and see..
Oterrs are a bit afraid of people but they are also very ,very courious (thry are ferret's wild relatives)..I see them sometimes but rarely..I was wandering on the river Bednja (that flows through my near my town and is a tributary of Drava) one day last summer and when I saw two young oterrs playing by the water,I sat down on one stump close to the river and I was very still and then they came to see what for one creature I am..they "talked" each to other and were very cute and funny..

rivergardenstudio said...

Wow... such a gorgeous site, and truly amazing photographs... I love swans as well... I am awe struck! Roxanne

Gwen Buchanan said...

What a sight to behold, Dada.. I have only seen 2-4 at a local university lake... but 70 swans at one time!!!... I am just shaking my head... ohhhh what I would give to have such an experience!! I am going to look at these beauties for a while right here... thank you and also a Belated Happy Birthday to Mr Darwin!!!