Saturday, February 28, 2009

One Heart from America

One beautiful gift hidden in a very beautiful pouch arrived from America to my home yesterday..

It was sent to me from the beautiful lady Constance of Rochambeau ..the Sacred Heart of Milagro..

And here is what Constance wrote in her post:

In the center of the heart resides Mother Earth, keeping us alive.As her children, no matter where we live in the world, it is this life energy we share. Without her gift, we couldn'texist, we depend upon and need her powerto live, just as we need one another!
Surrounding the earth and sustaining life, are the flames of the Sacred Heart. Not the flames of jealousy, envy or hate,but the flickering glow which igniteskindness, acceptance and peace. As we make a decision to act with compassion, especially to the misunderstood, the downtrodden, the lonely, it is then that we become understood and beauty canbegin to take root in our own heart.This is the miracle of theOne World ~ One HeartSacred Heart!

Thank you dear Constance!


Gwen Buchanan said...

Dada, such a special gift..

The words contained with it are words to live by...

the bag is even lovely... Congratulations!!!

rochambeau said...

SO HAPPY you received you Heart,'s time to the miracle to take hold dear friend!

Love to you,

The Decorated House, Donna Courtney said...

A most stunning gift from a beautiful lady. I'm sure it will channel much goodness to you.