Saturday, February 7, 2009

Fritzy & Fred




The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Such cute fellows! I love their noses.

We are almost exactly the same age, yes!

mary said...

What a cute pair. Hope Fred gets over his sneezes so he can go out in the snow too. They look like lively company for you. Mary

rivergardenstudio said...

Such adorable little guys! Have a beautiful day! Roxanne

Gwen Buchanan said...

I love these little guys.. so sweet ... their personality is written all over their faces!!!!

Gwen Buchanan said...

Hi again Dada, do your ferrets have free run through your house? will they come when you call them?.. just wondering about the habits of them?.. Max has always loved them.. last summer he saw a tourist walking with one on a leash through the village and thought that was very cool..

flyinamber said...

yes,they have free run through my apartment and they come when I call them..Fritzy is especialy attached to us,she follow us as a little dog..she is also free-runing when is outside,she goes never far from me,maybe a few meter and then she returns back to me..Fred is young,only 8 months and I keep him on the leash,he is not so attached to me as Fritzy jet..Ferrets beats sometimes but my do that not at all,they are very dear and cute..
but tell max,ferrets and rats are natural enemies,ferrets eat rats in the wild and it would be impossible to keep them together..

Gwen Buchanan said...

Oh thanks for the info Dada!!!
... that is good to know, that rats and ferrets are not the best of friends... One of Max's little sweet Rats "Missy" the white and Grey one passed away late last month,very unexpectedly.. She had the most prominent personality and acted like a very busy Pack Rat.. We miss her.. we still have the two cream colored ones... they have never bit us either , very gentle .. Missy was older than them when we got the 3 of them so maybe it was old age that took her... we will probably wait till the rats live out their natural life before we find a ferret then... I really thank you for telling me.. But I think we will get one someday... I love that they act like small dogs!!!

give your little ones a scratch behind the neck for me!!

flyinamber said...

Gwen I'm so sorry that Missy passed away!I love rats very much,they are clever and smart..but they are hated of most people,I think thats very very wrong..
maybe you can have ferret too if the rats are in their I have my degu in her cage and the cage is on one shelf so ferrets cann't get the cage..ferrets cann't jump too high but they can climb pritty good,so the shelf must be made thislike that they cann't climb on that..

Gwen Buchanan said...

Thanks Dada, I appreciate it...

rochambeau said...

SO cute Fritzy and Fred are!!
Guess what Dada??????????
You WON drawing for OWOH at Rochambeau!!
Could you please send me your mailing address via email.
So happy it's YOU!
Hope you are well.

Gabriela said...


Love your ferrets...followed you from Constance's blog.

~ Gabriela ~