Saturday, January 24, 2009

Rembrandt's graphics in Zagreb

Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn (1606.-1669.).

Today I visited the greatest art event this season here,the exibition of Rembrant's graphics at the Museum for arts and crafts in croatian capitol Zagreb.

It was relly wonderful to see so many original artworks of one of greatest masters.I have seen some of Rembrant's great oil paintings and also a few graphics before.But today I saw for the first time so many of his graphics at one place.I'm impressed!

The exhibition is organised in colaboration with Alte Galerie LMJ in Graz,Austria and you can see all masterworks on the site of the Museum for arts and crafts .

Here are just a few photos I took with my cell-phone camera without flash.


Merisi said...

I wonder if all these images can be seen in Graz too, later on, or if they are in their archives, open only to scholars.

Your last photo, of the child standing in front of the poster, is brilliant!

flyinamber said...

Ther are in their archives because they are very sensitive to te light (all exibition is in the dark) but Museum in Graz opens also exibitions from time to time..

Thank you for visiting my blog,Merisi.I'm on the way to my duty at hospital now but I 'll vistit you soon..

It wasn't a child,this is me standing in the front of poster :)
thank you :)

annette emms said...

Hi! I came to you via Gwen at Desideratum. It's so nice to meet new friends like this!
I love the sketches by Rembrandt. You are so lucky to have the chance to see them.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Dada, you are so lucky to see these..
I went and had a check at the Rembrandt link.. beautiful and so detailed.. makes me want to go and practice some ink drawings in his manner of etching... Love the photograph of you too..

rochambeau said...

Ooooooooooh you are a VERY lucky girl Dada!!! I live via you having this rich experience!!

Hope all is well Bella!!