Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fred the ferret

I'm afraid the summer is finished with the yesterday's evening rainy storm.The new school year began two weeks ago and we are going back to the some kind of the alldays routine..
But it is something new in our home this days:we brought one friend for Fritzy,one twelve weeks young male ferret.His name is Fred and he's very very cute.


Anonymous said...

I love your ferrets. They are too cute. Do Fred and Fritzy like each other? ary

hele said...

He sure is cute :)

flyinamber said...

oh yes!
fritzy is almost one year older than fred but they like each other and they are a good company from the first day..she is castrated and he will be also and they will have one nice platonic relationship :)
it seems prity cruel but it is the best for them while I keep them as pets,not for breeding..

susanna said...

Oh look at that little one! Do the ferrets get along well? How's your encaustic painting coming along?

Gwen Buchanan said...

Welcome little Fred.. Now you will have great fun watching them play.. I'm sure their activities will entertain for hours... Do they curl up and sleep together yet?