Saturday, August 2, 2008

Dugi otok

As I see,many of my blog visitors look at my old post "Saharun" where I presented my vision of beautiful sea bay Saharun on Dugi otok (Long Island) here on Adriatic sea in Croatia.The nature of Dugi otok is still pretty wild and untouchable and beeing there is always a great pleasure for me for over than twenty years.
Well,today evening I'm going to visit Dugi otok for then days again.I will visit some of my favouritest destinations there:Saharun Bay,Telašćica Bay,cliffs,the lighthouse on Veli Rat and I'll enjoy a company of my dear friends who come there for hollidays,too.

Here is one twenty year old photo of the sunset on Dugi otok.

You can see and read more about Dugi otok and its wonderful nature on (the site is also available on english,german and italian) and on Wikipedia and Google,too.


Gwen Buchanan said...

Dada,with a view like that you are sure to have a restful and wonderful time!!!!have fun!!

Middle Ditch said...

Wonderful photographs.

Sorry that I have neglected you for such a long time.

mcdc3s said...

What a beautiful location. The view is fantastic.