Friday, April 25, 2008

My great-grandmother's furniture

As a matter of fact,it was a piece of furniture from the mother of my grandmother but I can not find this in the dictionary:"the mother of my grandmother".Can you help me?
However,it is very old and when I moved into my new flat I delivered it from the darkness of my mother's cellar and gave it a honoured place in my new day-room.I love its shabby look and I only cleaned it with a furniture milk based on beeswax.

Editing on April,26:

Thank to Maralena,AKA mcdc3s,I'm correcting today my yesterdays mistakes :)

Well,this is a piece of furniture from my great-grandmother.In yesterdays version of this post I named it "a commode" because we use this word for that kind of furniture here but Maralena said in her comment the real meaning of this word in English and it is obviously,it isn't a commode :) This is a kind of the wardrobe that usually stand in the dayroom,the bedroom or in the kitchen for keeping bedsheets,laundry or dishes.Maybe is a better name "a cabinet"?Or not?However,I like it very much.I also got one very old handmade wardrobe from one frend of mine but I have to clean it,so you will see this next week.

Friday, April 18, 2008

April sunset

I was absent from the blogosphere last two weeks.Unfortunately,everything was changed in my life during this fourteen days.I do not live in my house any more.Now I live with my daughters in one three-room apartment here in my little town.Everything is good with us and I hope we will have one peaceful life here.I'm busy with arrangment of my apartment now but I hope I'll have more time for my creating very soon.

And the wheather is always very variable in this part of world in april.Sometimes we have really four seasons in just one day.This is a sunset one of this april days.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Malachite bracelet

So this is malachite bracelet I made today from malachite pieces from my first todays post.I used as a base one boughted leather bracelet from one little store that keeps accessories for bikers and rockers in Varaždin.

My grandmother's powder box

This is my grandmother's old powderbox.It is funny to see ladies in old muvies sitting in the front of mirrors winded round with cloudes of powder.This is a box from that period.Of course,I don't keep the powder inside-I use it as a box for various little pieces of semiprecious stones I use in jewelery making,in this case malachite.I will make one malachite bracelet.