Monday, February 18, 2008

February 18

I was truly surprised and touched on February 14 when I received one comment from Maralena (aka mcdc3s) who awarded me a "You Make My Day Award".

I'm still a new one in the world of blogging and I'm not a profesional artist.Sometimes I just have not enough time for my art and for posting here.I can not live from my art so I have to do my duties at hospital where I work as a medical sister with a ful work time,40 hours weekly,days and nights.And I have also two daughters,my house,my pets,my karate trainings,my days are simply too short for all my activities.So my art is just my hobby and my great pleasure.

I have met so many interesting and creative people here on Blogosphere so I'll re-award the "You Make My Day Award" to ten of you through e-mails or comments on your blogs.Thank you all,you are truly making my days and all of you are my inspiration!

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susanna said...

Congratulations, Da Da! :)