Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The spring is coming

The wheather is mild last two weeks here and although we have still the frost in the night,days are sunny and pritty warm.The first spring flowers are blooming everywhere around.

This mild wheather is also giving us a chance to wear short skirts so I sewed the grey one for my older daughter.The skirt is very simply because she likes the minimalistic style.And the skirt is of course sewed on my old machine.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Old doors in Varaždin

I was very busy last two weeks but I visited my nearest city Varaždin during this time very often.
Here are a few photos of old doors in Varaždin.

The first written reference to Varaždin was in 12th century when King Bela III mentioned the nearby thermal springs Varaždinske Toplice (a little city where I live) in a legal document.Varaždin was declared a free royal borough in 1209 and during centuries it became a economic and culture centre of northern Croatia with a fortress,the town hall and many churches,monasteries and palaices.Most of those buildings were built or altered in the baroque and rococo style.The city has about 55000 citizens today and represents the best preserved historycal urban complex in continental Croatia with many museums,galeries and cultural happenings as a worldwide known baroque-music festival "Baroque Evenings".

You can read more on Wikipedia or on the Google,just type "Varaždin".You can see also photos of Varaždin's beautiful buildings there. I visit Varaždin few times every week because of shooping or drinking coffee with my friends.Those old doors are just little pieces of beauty of this town.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Sunny morning

Commenting yesterday on Susanna's Sketchbook I said that I'm in a phase of a creative hibernation waiting for the blue sky and the sun.And just to my wish,it came a mild and warm weather from the south through the night and brought a beautiful sunny and warm morning with the blue sky and singing birds.
Here are two photos of my heathers blooming under the melted snow I took today morning.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A hidden beauty

This is one molusc here known as St Peter's ear (lat. Haliotis lamellosa).It lives in Adriatic sea and perhaps in many other seas in the world.St Peter's ear is a few centimeters long and looks pritty ugly and plain with its shell covered with sea lichens.It's like a piece of seastone.

But when St Peter's ear is dead and its shell is corroded by the sea we can see its hidden beauty inside-magical rainbow colours of mother-of-pearls.

I hope that this new year brings many of hidden beauties to all of us.We just have to find those..good luck!