Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Two bells

I was away from here last week solving some unexpected little problems,working at the hospital each day,spending the time with my family,going round looking for lot of things,drinking coffee with some old friends and meeting some new..But I'm free from my dutie since yesterday and I will be at home until 26th December using my free days.I hope I'll have more time to be here.

I haven't yet presented to you the finished painting "Two bells".And here is also the photo of origin bells hanging in an old citadel.My intention wasn't making of one copy of this photo but my version of this two bells so I changed colours and added lot of gold for some festive mood.I really love brown colours in all parts of the year but especially in December in brown-gold combination.Maybe so much of gold looks to much ornate but Christmas is comming..

"Two bells"

acryl on canvas with gold powder,30 cm x 40 cm


Sherry said...

I am soooo impressed!!! You have done an absolutely stunning piece of work here...I like yours better than the original!!!

I'm glad that you are going to have some free time now until the 26th...enjoy every free moment with your family/friends/loved ones.

susanna said...

Wow! You're on a creative roll these days. I like the painting and I bet it looks amazing in person. Wish I could see it hanging in your studio!

mcdc3s said...

I love this piece and I too love the browns all year round. What a warm surprising color combination for a holiday theme. I could just fall right into it.