Monday, November 26, 2007

Winter decorations

I was eleven days absent working and finishing lot of things.Days were too short for all I had to do and I hadn't got any time for my hobby interests and blogging.I hope that December will be peaceful and quiet.This time of the year is for me,because of the coldnes and the shortage of the daylight,always a time of some kind of hibernation.Actually I don't like the winter at all,I'm a summer-type and the only good part of winter are just December and the Christmastime.I'm not religious but I keep to tradition of Christmas and I like all this Christmas stuffs and winter home decorations.I prefer decorations made from nature materials,fruits and spices:wood,walnuts,hazelnuts,pine cones,cinnamon bark,cloves...Here are some of decorations hanging in my dining-room and in my day-room this winter.I bough some of them at one little store in Varaždin and I made other from various nature materials.

I'll show you how you can make some of these pieces in one of comming posts.


A Fanciful Twist said...

I just love natural and beautiful decorations like you have here!!! Love them!

I forget winter is so harsh in other places! I just adore winter.... But then again, our winter is probably warmer than your spring....;)

rochambeau said...

Dear FlyinAmber,
These decorations are just beautiful!
They are natural and elegant all at once. I was not certain. Did you make them, and the idea??

So pretty!

Sandra Evertson said...

Oh, these are Beautiful!
I like that you created them with natural things too!
Happy Holidays!
Sandra Evertson

Sherry said...

I'm not crazy about winter either...I'm with you on liking it just in December & at Christmas. Your decorations are beautiful and using natural fibres, things found in nature can be very rewarding.

Julie said...

Fly in amber

I think this is a lovely blog, and so is your choice of blog name!


eb said...

oh these are gorgeous - you have really inspired me...

in many ways...

xox - eb.

Jenny said...

Lovely decorations! Very natural and elegant.