Thursday, November 1, 2007

After the midnight

It is two after the midnight here.I have to put my witchy things back in the closet and clean up my magic table..I must some sleep..I'm on duty at the hospital today.
Thanks to all who visited me on Halloween!I realy enjoyed the party!
Maybe some of you hadn't received my answer.But I will certainly visit you this days.
I wish you all funny rest of the night!
I'm going to lock my door now..good night!
And where is that wicked cat? :)

Note (November,3):this is actually the door of my friends old vineyard house.


eb said...

good night dear beautiful witch - sweet dreams...

xox - eb.

Paul-ene said...

Goodnight....I am up all night catching up with all the party goers. I need sleep(zzzzzzzzz)!

Leigh Russell said...

Cool door, and I love the photo of Croatia. What a beautiful place. No wonder you love it. Please visit my blog some time to say hallo, if you like, although I'm afraid I don't have any beautiful or interesting photos on there. I wouldn't know how to put them on!

Laume said...

I'm still making the rounds visiting blogs from the party. Nice to meet you. What a pretty door. I love to take photos of old doors and crumbling old walls and things like that. I hope you found that wandering ol' kitty!

rochambeau said...

Beautiful Door to live behind!

Hope you have had a nice weedend!


Middle Ditch said...

Love the door. I saw you at Leigh's blog which I visit regularly and thought to visit you. Can't wait to see you at mine.


The Wisdom of Wislon said...


Saw your comment on Middle Ditch's blog. Love your party dress..did you have fun!

Your other photos are intriguing too.

susanna said...

What a beautiful door knocker! I love that colour of green! And to have a flower as a door knocker...sigh...lucky girl!

She Who Flies said...

I can't help thinking "what hides behind that door?". I love its color! And the beautiful door-knocker detail. I've been seen photographing many doors :-)