Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The silver pear

Here is my old silver pear I have from my grandmother.I don't know its first purpose but I use it as a candy box.When I clean the pear I always leave a little bit patina on it for an ancient look.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Winter decorations

I was eleven days absent working and finishing lot of things.Days were too short for all I had to do and I hadn't got any time for my hobby interests and blogging.I hope that December will be peaceful and quiet.This time of the year is for me,because of the coldnes and the shortage of the daylight,always a time of some kind of hibernation.Actually I don't like the winter at all,I'm a summer-type and the only good part of winter are just December and the Christmastime.I'm not religious but I keep to tradition of Christmas and I like all this Christmas stuffs and winter home decorations.I prefer decorations made from nature materials,fruits and spices:wood,walnuts,hazelnuts,pine cones,cinnamon bark,cloves...Here are some of decorations hanging in my dining-room and in my day-room this winter.I bough some of them at one little store in Varaždin and I made other from various nature materials.

I'll show you how you can make some of these pieces in one of comming posts.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Fritzy the Ferret

I'm introducing to you Fritzy the Ferret which is since yesterday a "member" of my family.I love the animals very much and a long time ago I wished to have one ferret.So I bough one and brought it to my home yesterday evening.She is in age of three months,is very cute,lively and curious.Here is Fritzy in the action today looking at my painting things.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Amber & jewellery box

I always loved old things:old furniture,old photos,old books,old jewellery..It doesn't metters if those things have a real value or not,I just like them.Each old thing has its own story.Once upon a time it served to someone and maybe it meaned something especially for someone.I love exploring of old lofts and cellars looking for ancients.Unfortunatelly,a lot of beautiful things have their end on the rubbish heap today.

Here is my grandmothers old handmade jewellery box and my amber necklace I made many years ago.I really love the nature amber,its warm gold and brown colours and, you know,when you wear it you can feel this warmth.Sometimes is a fly inside sleeping here for million years and those pieces have a biger value.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Two works in progress

As usualy I work side by side on two projects:a new acryl painting "Two bells" and vintage-look brown brocade skirt.I hope I'll finish both until the end of this week.

An idea for the painting are two bells hanging in one very old citadel about 60 km far from my town.

For the skirt I use brown brocade,brown silk and brown lace ribbon.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Sali harbour

I'm very busy those days and have not enough time for painting and posting here.But yesterday looking for something else I found one more than twenty years old photo of Sali harbour on Dugi otok here on Adriatic sea.The photo is pritty bed because it was made with Kodak "idiot" camera and at least it lays in the drawer so long.I took it after a big sommer seastorm and I still remember me on it and I can feel the electric smell of the air after the storm.Sali is the greatest settlement and harbour on this island (actually very small,about one tousand permanent inhabitants) and I visit this place fast every year from 1983.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

After the midnight

It is two after the midnight here.I have to put my witchy things back in the closet and clean up my magic table..I must some sleep..I'm on duty at the hospital today.
Thanks to all who visited me on Halloween!I realy enjoyed the party!
Maybe some of you hadn't received my answer.But I will certainly visit you this days.
I wish you all funny rest of the night!
I'm going to lock my door now..good night!
And where is that wicked cat? :)

Note (November,3):this is actually the door of my friends old vineyard house.