Monday, October 15, 2007

The church spire by night

This is a photo of the church spire in my very old small town I took yesterday evening at nine o'clock on my way to nightshift (the clock on the spire doesn't work many years).The church has a beautiful baroque shrine and organ.Every year in this time here run concerts of Varazdin Baroqe Evening.

It was cold outside and the air was fresh and smelled on the snow,it seems we will have the winter early this year,too early for me..


eb said...

so beautitul - and I love the name of your blog - fly in amber - where did that come from?

flyinamber said...

Thank you for visiting my blog,eb!
Amber is tree sap that has hardened for millions of years.Sometimes become trapped in the sap insects,flies and othersmall creatures.This is a rarity and so,"fly in amber" is sometimes used in meaning "rarity" or "rare remnant".Amber is good material for jewellery making.
Have you got your own blog,eb? said...

Oh, it sounds just glorious!!!