Saturday, August 11, 2007

August 11,2007

Early yesterday my guests had packed their suitcases and went to their German home.My house was crowded and noisy last two weeks and I hadn't any time for my occupation and for myself.But we all had a funny time together and I was practising my speaking of German language.
Today I'm going to bring all things in my home back on their places.The weather is rainy and cold.Because of having guests I didn't spent my vacation on the sea this summer as I used to do but here are some seashells from my collection and a bouquet of the lavender from my garden to reminde me on..


Hel said...


Whenever I see lavender I am always reminded of the story of the French courtesan who would only dry her sheets spread out in the sun across lavender fields.

And your painting is lovely. The magic aura of flowers.

d.meister said...

Thanks,Hel..I like laveder and its fragrance very much..I always keep a little cotton bag with lavender flowers under my pillow..

susanna said...

Pretty, dada! I like how you've created little scenes on the different ledges and corners in your place. And those shells are so pretty! They don't look the same as the ones that wash up on the New Jersey shore. Ours are either blue mussels or large white clam shells.