Saturday, July 21, 2007


Saharun is a beautiful seabay on my favourite island on Adriatic sea,Dugi otok ("Long Island") where still exist untouchable nature with eighty meter high cliffs on the high seaside..

Painting on canvas: Saharun (50x40 cm),2006

acryl with sand from Saharun bay and gold powder



Hel said...

How lovely.

The gold and the blue.

susanna said...

These are beautiful, Dada! Truly beautiful!

Anonymous said...

This painting is great! You use a limited color palette and simple shapes to define the curve of the bay. Adding sand to the paint is natural and produces texture which looks like the beach.

I think you should paint more landscapes. The Velebit Mountain photo would be good to paint. See how the land slopes down to the middle of the picture... look at the shapes of the trees and areas of green and gray color.