Saturday, June 30, 2007

Hello to the world!

This is my first post :)

I am a hobby paintress with lot of interests on art,painting and design..I work with acryl on canvas mostly and make experiments with various pigments,sand and "gold"powder..
This way I would like to present my work and I accept all good-natured comments,advices and candid and welcome to my blog!
Thanks to Susanna from NY..visit to her blog gave me an idea to make my own..
acryl on canvas,2005.
40x60 cm
(acryl,sand,gold powder)


Anonymous said...

oi!evo ti pa imaj jedan komentarcek...hehee...volim te moj akvamarinus iz gambije!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful painting!
Greetings from Varazdin from Srednja strukovna skola! :-)
Slavica & Dean

susanna said...

Congratulations on your new blog! How exciting! I'm so glad that you've joined this great blogging world. And your painting is terrific! It's always interesting to see another person's view of the world through art or music or writing.

PS - Thank you for nod to my blog!

Anonymous said...

Iznenadjena sam tvojim smislom i sposobnošću za toliko toga u životu!!!!! Svaka pohvala!
Slike su super...bravo!!!!!!!!!!
U podlozi mi svira The Cure..tak da je sve u tvom ozračju! :))

Anonymous said...

Super si ti to isposložila. Posebno mi se sviđa ova stara fotografija!Kaj se tiče tvoje sličice, mogla si deti "onu s ježekima" he,he, malo te zezam.